RIVERS OF LIFE: the ripple effect

Rivers of Life: the ripple effect

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Rivers of Life: the ripple effect is an interactive communication project, which focuses on the preservation and conservation of our water systems and rivers, as well as on water as a basic raw material.

Through the catastrophic floods in 2002, the full force of the rivers was felt as they spread over the land in Germany, Austria and in the Czech Republic. Suddenly rivers flowed into the consciousness of the population in Europe. It was not just those who were directly touched, but through the media everyone was a witness to the helplessness against this natural violence. The aftermath brought the “big why?”, followed by the need and demand for solutions for the long term protection of the population, slowly forcing changes by the decision makers.

Building upon this awareness, ART at WORK has taken the theme of rivers and life sustaining water, reduced it to one drop of water, and personalised it as the character Diana, the droplet. By focussing on Diana and the Water Wagon, which is a model of a water system, the public can learn how better to respond to keep her clean and happy. Solutions to issues of water conservation and preservation from the public will be collected on a 2m. globe, which serves as a rolling data bank.

At the same time a team of young people will be trained in each city as multipliers and environmental project animators. The results from one city will be displayed in the next city and all results will be published on a web site.

Much has been written and spoken about the value of water on our planet. One can safely say that water is life, maybe even the gold of the future. Therefore we all need to be reminded and to work out new strategies for dealing with this valuable resource. Rivers of Life: the ripple effect is ART at WORK’s contribution to a more sustainable life on our earth.

Rivers of Life

Rivers of Life

Rivers of Life